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EAPA Mission, Objectives and Activities

Why is such an association needed?

EAPA’s Mission Objectives and Activities;
Over 90% of the total road network has an asphalt surface. There are over 4,000 production sites in Europe and over 10,000 companies are involved in production and/or laying of asphalt. 90% of the companies can be classified as Small and Medium sized Enterprises. In order to make the voice of the industry heard at the European level, an active and influential European Association is needed.

Since 1973 EAPA has been building its strong reputation as the voice of the European asphalt paving industry and supporting its members to achieve their objectives.

EAPA’s Mission Statement

European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) is the voice of the Asphalt Paving Industry in Europe and works to ensure that the use of asphalt, as the optimum choice for the construction and maintenance of the vital European road infrastructure, is fully appreciated, promoted, and implemented.

EAPA’s Objectives

The primary objective of the European Asphalt Pavement Association is to build a sound evidence base for promoting the economic, technical, and societal benefits of asphalt paving in road construction and maintenance. Further, to create the future for an innovative and modern asphalt industry in Europe that cares for health and safety as well as for protection of the environment and sustainability.

EAPA shall:

  • Exchange, disseminate and promote information and knowledge
  • represent its members with stakeholders
  • build on its strong reputation as the voice of the European asphalt paving industry

EAPA’s Activities

Exchange, disseminate and promote information and knowledge:

Represent its members with stakeholders:

  • Represent the European Asphalt Industry and focus the relevant topics in the fields of Health, Safety, Sustainability, Quality, Climate Change, Innovation, and Digitalisation
  • Participate in the asphalt related European standardisation committees
  • Prepare and promote policies on issues to all stakeholders, whether within the EU decision making framework or otherwise
  • Prepare and execute programmes in collaboration with interested parties

EAPA’s Mission Objectives and Activities

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