ASPHALT PAVEMENTS 2023 – “Let’s asphalt out of the crisis”

České Budějovice, Czech Republic Conference Hall “Metropol”, České Budějovice, Czech Republic

The Conference ASPHALT PAVEMENTS 2023 - “Let’s asphalt out of the crisis”, organised by the Czech Road Contractors Association, alongside with Czech Road Society, EAPA and Pragoprojekt, will be held in the Czech Republic in České Budějovice on 28-29 November 2023 in the Conference Hall “Metropol”. Material and pavement structures testing, Construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of asphalt pavements and Sustainability and digitalization of asphalt pavements are the main subjects to be discussed at the conference. There is also a...

19th Colloquium – asphalt, bitumen and pavements

Rikli Balance Hotel, Cankarjeva cesta 4, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

The Largest International Meeting of Construction and Maintenance of Pavements in Slovenia. The 19th Colloquium is the largest international meeting on the construction and maintenance of pavements in Slovenia. EAPA Secretary General Carsten Karcher will be presenting at the 19th Colloquium. With EAPA members from across Europe in attendance, the 19th Colloquium promises to be a hub of knowledge sharing and collaboration.   19th colloquium - asphalt, bitumen and pavements