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About the Campaign

EAPA calls for #Asphalt_Heroes!

Will you help us to recognize our road workers and to inspire more young people to work in for the asphalt industry?
Then join the #Asphalt_Heroes campaign!

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The idea for the #Asphalt_Heroes campaign was created during a communication workshop at the EAPA Symposium in Paris 2019.
Excited about the idea to promote and recognize people from our industry and inspire young people to work in the asphalt industry, EAPA decided to develop this campaign further.

With this campaign we want to honour the heroes of Asphalt Industry who take care of our roads so we can keep moving every day. We want to create a more positive image of an industry that is not only a fundamental part for our economy, but also one that cares about people and environment.  One of the key reasons of this campaign is that we want to inspire more young people to pursue a career or a job in the asphalt sector.

The asphalt industry offers a large variety of innovative and future orientated job profiles and should no longer be seen as old fashioned or kind of dirty.

What are #Asphalt_Heroes? 
People who actually work on and for our asphalt roads. Think about, for example, asphalt workers or machinery drivers working on-site, road designers working in an office, operators working in an asphalt plant or engineers developing the latest digital technologies for construction equipment and/or data management. We call them all heroes because, every day, they provide their superpowers to deliver the best asphalt roads, even in difficult circumstances and while keeping everybody safe.

These heroes will feature in the #Asphalt_Heroes campaign, where their superpowers will be shown.

EAPA  will create  a series of posters and online information where the unique story of each of them and their work will be told.

Are you one of the #Asphalt_Heroes or do you know any?