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EAPA Competition Law Compliance Guideline

“The competition laws are intended to preserve competition by prohibiting concerted practices that restrict competition, including agreements between undertakings and decisions by trade associations.

Trade associations can provide great benefits to the marketplace and to consumers, but because they may involve groups of competitors working together on common industry issues, trade associations are subject to particular antitrust scrutiny.

It is the policy of the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) to comply with all applicable legal requirements, including all antitrust or other competition‐related laws.

EAPA`s Competition Law Compliance Guideline sets forth the basic competition law principles that the EAPA staff and members and associate members of EAPA will comply with, when preparing, organising and attending meetings as well as in any other EAPA activities.

This Guideline is mandated by the EAPA Statutes and has been endorsed and adopted by the EAPA General Council Assembly. Every EAPA member and associate EAPA member and staff of EAPA shall explicitly and unconditionally accept it.

EAPA`s Competition Law Compliance Guideline sets out guidelines for EAPA and for the conduct of members within the context of EAPA activities.”

EAPA`s Competition Law Compliance Guideline