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MEP Breakfast Debate
with Ismail Ertug

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Colloquium on Asphalt in Bitumen in Bled on 28 November 2019

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GAPA Magazine

The first GAPA Magazine is released! This magazine consists of articles provided by GAPA members and is created to expand communication between the meetings and to inform the global asphalt industry about important GAPA issues.

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EAPA`s Objectives

The objective of the Association is to build a sound evidence base for promoting the economic, technical, and societal benefits of asphalt paving in road construction and maintenance.

Furthermore, to create the future for an innovative and modern asphalt industry in Europe that cares for its workers health and safety as well as for protection of the environment and sustainability.

EAPA Promotes

Asphalt’s Advantages, re-use of asphalt, asphalt workers health and safety, best practices, warm mix asphalt, sustainable asphalt, asphalt 4.0, …


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Learn about the advantages of choosing asphalt

The advantages of asphalt simply add up to superior value. Asphalt is safe, smooth, durable and sustainable.

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