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European Road Maintenance Forum #ERMF2024

The European Road Maintenance Forum (ERMF) gathered on April 4th, bringing together experts to discuss CO2 emissions reduction and sustainable road maintenance. Hosted by EAPA, the workshop achieved notable success, fostering collaboration and innovative solutions in the industry.

The imperative to reduce CO2 emissions has become central to global and European policy. Europe is committed to reducing CO2 emissions, aiming for a 55% reduction by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050. In this scenario, the transport sector has been identified as one of the most CO2-producing sectors. With over 90% of European roads surfaced with asphalt, the asphalt industry holds the potential for significant emissions reduction.

Proper maintenance can lead to smoother surfaces, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 5%. This equates to annual savings of 14 million tonnes of CO2 or the equivalent of removing 3 million cars from the roads. Moreover, well-maintained roads benefit electric vehicles, reduce traffic noise, enhance travel time, and decrease vehicle maintenance costs. Additionally, asphalt’s recyclability aligns with circular economy principles. Despite these benefits, road maintenance faces budget and technological challenges. Establishing a European Road Maintenance Forum provides a collaborative platform to address these issues.

The event in Brussels on April 4th, 2024 for International Road Maintenance Day
The forum’s goals align with those of the International Road Maintenance Day, which falls on the first Thursday of every April. On April 4th in Brussels in celebration of International Road Maintenance Day, we organized parallel communication activities to amplify the impact of this initiative, hosting a physical event at the EAPA office. Many participants engaged in the workshop from across the globe. We’re grateful for the enthusiastic response, and we made the event accessible to all by offering free online registration and attendance. Due to limited seating, physical attendance operated on a first-come, first-served basis. We appreciate everyone’s participation and look forward to future collaborations in advancing road maintenance practices globally.


The Steering Committee comprises representatives from EAPA and ASEFMA, responsible for setting strategic direction, overseeing activities, and ensuring the forum’s objectives are met. For all PR and communication purposes reach us at

Objectives of this Forum

  1. Advocate for increased funding and support for road maintenance initiatives.
  2. Foster collaboration and knowledge exchange for decarbonising transport services.
  3. Identify common challenges and best practices in road maintenance.
  4. Support green procurement and regulation, research and development needs.
  5. Facilitate the adoption of innovative technologies and sustainable practices.

Benefits for Participants

  1. Access to a network of experts and practitioners in road maintenance.
  2. Opportunity to contribute to shaping policies and standards.
  3. Exchange of knowledge and best practices.
  4. Enhanced visibility and recognition for active involvement in road maintenance initiatives.


Open to institutions involved in road maintenance operations across Europe, including European institutions, government agencies, local authorities, research institutions, industry associations, and private companies specialising in road infrastructure management and maintenance. For inquiries regarding this forum and membership, please write to Carsten Karcher, Secretary-General for EAPA at

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