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#AsphaltHeroes Campaign: Honouring the People of the Asphalt Industry

By 30 January 2024March 7th, 2024Blog, Geen categorie

#AsphaltHeroes Campaign: Honouring the People of the Asphalt Industry

The #AsphaltHeroes campaign is an initiative of the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) that aims to celebrate and recognise the heroes of the asphalt industry. Born out of an inspiring idea during a communication workshop at the EAPA Symposium in Paris in 2019, this campaign seeks to shine a light on the dedicated people who play a crucial role in maintaining our roads and infrastructure.
EAPA Asphalt Heroes

The #AsphaltHeroes Vision

Central to the #AsphaltHeroes campaign is a commitment to reshaping how we view the asphalt industry. Our goal extends beyond recognising it as a crucial economic force; we aim to present it as a sector profoundly dedicated to both people and the environment. In addition, we aspire to ignite the enthusiasm of the upcoming generation, encouraging them to explore innovative and rewarding career opportunities within the asphalt sector.

Who are #AsphaltHeroes?

#AsphaltHeroes are the individuals who work behind the scenes, making our asphalt roads safer and more resilient. From asphalt workers and machinery drivers on-site to road designers in offices, operators in asphalt plants, and engineers developing cutting-edge technologies for construction equipment and data management – they are all heroes. Every day, they harness their skills to deliver top-notch asphalt roads, even in challenging conditions, all while prioritising safety.

These heroes take centre stage in the #Asphalt_Heroes campaign, where their stories and contributions will be showcased through a series of posters and online content. EAPA is committed to portraying the diverse faces of the asphalt industry and the unique powers each hero brings to the table.

How to contribute to the #AsphaltHeroes campaign?

Are you an #AsphaltHero (If you are part of the Asphalt Industry, you most likely are!) or do you know someone deserving of recognition and want to nominate them? EAPA invites you to be part of the movement by sharing your stories and experiences. Help us inspire the next generation of asphalt professionals and showcase the diversity and innovation within the industry. To collaborate and create content with us, write us at with the subject stating: EAPA’s next Asphalt Hero!

Follow us on social media for updates, and stay tuned for more stories of resilience, innovation, and dedication from our #AsphaltHeroes. Together, let’s pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future with the heroes of the asphalt industry!

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