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Winners of the EAPA Awards 2023

By 8 November 2023Geen categorie, News

Winners of the EAPA Awards 2023

“I’m deeply honored to receive the 2023 EAPA Asphalt Advocate Award, filling me with appreciation, pride, and a strong sense of belonging. My involvement in the EAPA community allowed me to collaborate with exceptional individuals, shaping my professional journey. This award is a cherished reminder of these invaluable experiences and exceptional colleagues. My heartfelt thanks to EAPA for these opportunities. Proud to be part of the EAPA family!”

Gülay Malkoç

Asphalt Advocate of the Year 2023
During the 50th-anniversary celebration of the EAPA and ASEFMA, there were some special honouring. Gülay Malkoç, Sales Director Europe of E-Mak and former technical director of ASMUD, was honoured with the Asphalt Advocate of the Year 2023 Award.

Gülay Malkoç was presented with this esteemed award in recognition of her unwavering commitment to promoting superior asphalt roadways and her steadfast support for the “Asphalt Advantages” campaign, a collaboration between EAPA and Eurobitume. This award not only commends her exceptional achievements but also the profound impact she has had on the entire industry.

Gülay embarked on her journey as an asphalt advocate early in her career, exuding boundless energy and an innate passion for advocacy. Her extensive global network and background in chemical engineering have positioned her as a formidable presence in the industry, particularly in her engagements with Eurobitume.

Her involvement in the “Asphalt Advantages” campaign underscores her dedication to spreading the message about the economic, environmental, and performance benefits of asphalt in road construction.


Image on the left: Gülay Malkoç’s speech after receiving the EAPA Asphalt Advocate of the Year 2023 award.

Petr Svoboda and Laurent Porot

EAPA Technical Director Breixo Gomez handing over the EAPA Asphalt Excellence Award 2023 to Petr Svoboda and Laurent Porot.

Laudation on 30 March 2023 in Madrid by EAPA Technical Director Breixo Gomez

In 2021, the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) introduced the EAPA Asphalt Excellence Award to honour exceptional contributions within the asphalt industry. This prestigious award is reserved for EAPA members or EAPA Committee participants, selected by the EAPA Secretary General along with representatives from the EAPA Technical and HSE Committees.

Petr Svoboda:

EAPA Asphalt Excellence Award 2023
Petr Svoboda has been a dedicated member of EAPA Committees since 2006, serving in various capacities. Over the years, he shifted his focus to the Directors Group, while entrusting the Technical Committee to his talented Czech colleagues, Jiri Fiedler and Jan Valentin. Petr’s dedication spans an impressive 17 years.

Petr played a pivotal role in organising the 6th E&E Congress in Prague in 2016. Beyond this, he contributed to the biennial Czech Asphalt Days conference, which brought together over 400 experts. He also played a crucial role in bringing the PIARC World Congress to Prague.

Petr Svoboda’s contributions are nothing short of remarkable, making him a worthy recipient of the 2023 EAPA Asphalt Excellence Award.

Laurent Porot:

EAPA Asphalt Excellence Award 2023
Laurent Porot boasts a remarkable 30-year dedication to the asphalt industry, participating in numerous industry events and conferences, including Rilem meetings, ISAP conferences, EATA Workshops, and EAPA Congresses.
Laurent’s extensive involvement in cutting-edge research projects and his leadership roles within committees like Rilem and CEN have earned him well-deserved recognition. Since 2014, he has been an active and invaluable participant in EAPA Committees, consistently contributing to various Task Forces and playing a pivotal role in the organization of the highly successful EAPA Workshop on Rejuvenators in 2019.
The EAPA Asphalt Excellence Award for 2023 is a symbol of our association’s profound appreciation for Laurent Porot’s exceptional contributions to our industry.

Watch the interview of Asphalt industry representatives during the EAPA 50-year anniversary celebrations in Madrid. 

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