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Paving the Future: A Call to the Next Generation from Ralf Pomp, EAPA President

By 19 December 2023February 21st, 2024Blog

Paving the Future: A Call to the Next Generation from Ralf Pomp, EAPA President

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of EAPA, Ralf Pomp highlights the significance of sharing a visionary outlook for the future in our latest special edition magazine. Read on to discover impactful messages by Ralf where he emphasizes the importance of enthusiastic participation from the next generation in shaping the asphalt industry and ensuring its continued success.

Embarking on a Journey:

“My journey within EAPA has been a testament to the power of collaboration. Five years ago, I was asked to be a representative of the DAV in the Executive Committee and Directors group of EAPA, dedicated to advancing our asphalt family. Today, as the President of EAPA, I am compelled to steer our focus towards nurturing new talents who will shape the next 50 years of our industry”.

Teamwork in Asphalt, A Lesson from Racing:

“Much like the endurance racing that captivates us, success in the asphalt industry is a collective effort. Motorsports has always been a tradition in my family, spanning multiple generations. The skills, dedication, and passion of each team member are essential for our shared victory. Meaning, that every member of the team holds the same importance for overall success. As we face the challenge of bridging generational gaps, it becomes imperative to welcome fresh minds into our asphalt family.”

Changing Perceptions: A Plea for Image Enhancement:

“Many children view excavator operators and lorry drivers as heroes, on par with firefighters or policemen, before they start school. Yet, as they grow, their interests often shift away from these vital industries. We must acknowledge this disconnect and work collectively to enhance the image of our industry. It’s not merely about constructing roads; it’s about constructing fulfilling and rewarding careers.”

Inspiring the Next Generation: A Collective Responsibility:

“I have devoted my presidency to showcasing the allure of the asphalt and road industries. It is our shared responsibility to communicate the value of our work and the promising opportunities that await the next generation. Our roads don’t just appear; they are meticulously planned, built, and maintained by dedicated professionals. I extend a heartfelt invitation to the young and ambitious individuals contemplating their career paths. Consider joining our vibrant ‘asphalt family’..”

Innovation and Challenges:

“The recent Asphalt 4.0 Congress showcased the transformative potential of digitization and new methodologies. As we navigate challenges like rising costs, I remain optimistic about the future, thanks to the spirit of innovation within our industry. Mark your calendars for the E&E Congress in Budapest from June 19 – 21 2024, where the asphalt family will reunite. An inspiring program awaits, and I eagerly anticipate welcoming you to this beautiful city.”

Ralf Pomp, EAPA President concluded with another important and hopeful message: “As we celebrate our 50 years, let’s not forget the global challenges. My sincere hope is for an end to the suffering caused by wars. May peace prevail and alleviate the burdens faced by millions around the world.”

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