YouTube Channel EAPA

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YouTube Channel EAPA 📹 Do you know that #EAPA has its own #YouTube 📺 channel? ✅ With lots of information regarding the #asphalt #industry 🛣️ EAPA's YouTube Channel
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E&E Congress Chat

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E&E Congress Chat Did you know you can address questions and debate during the #eecongress2021? If you have any questions during the technical sessions; type in your question in the...
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EAPA Tech Talk

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EAPA Technical Talk The first EAPA Technical Talk is live! In the EAPA Digital Events Series Davide LoPresti and Breixo Gomez speak about the outcome of the successful webinar Sustainability Assessment of Asphalt Pavements...
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Earth Day

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#EarthDay Today we celebrate #EarthDay Ongoing innovations, such as reduced temperature asphalt, reduce fuel consumption and emissions in the asphalt industry. #asphaltadvantages #asphalt #reducingCO2together
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The primary objective of the European Asphalt Pavement Association is to build a sound evidence base for promoting the economic, technical, and societal benefits of asphalt paving in road construction and maintenance. Further, to create the future for an innovative and modern asphalt industry in Europe that cares for health and safety as well as for protection of the environment and sustainability.

European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) is the voice of the Asphalt Paving Industry in Europe and works to ensure that the use of asphalt, as the optimum choice for the construction and maintenance of the vital European road infrastructure, is fully appreciated, promoted, and implemented.

Learn all about Asphalt

Asphalt plays an important role in our daily activities. When we travel to work or school, or when we buy goods in a shop or via internet, asphalt roads are being used.

There is more knowledge and science involved in this material than most people realise. This allows producing many different types of asphalt, each having specific characteristics. Some are designed to be porous and very silent, others to be impermeable, etc. In most cases, asphalt surfaces are grey or black although it is also possible to find them yellow or red.


Today, at the "Sharing Best Practice 2022" Event, organised by the Asphalt Industry Alliance (@AIA_Asphalt), I gave my first presentation on the topic of #Resilience, a concept that I am sure will provide a lot more to talk about in the coming years.

Meet another #Asphalt_Hero, Loretta Venturini, a Scientific and Strategic Development Director in an International company that has been working for more than 50 years in the field of additives for #asphalt #pavements. 🛣️

Send us your application ➡️ frederica.dias@eapa.org

After the amazing campaign #RunnersLoveAspahlt, now is the time for #CyclistsLoveAspahlt! 🚴‍♀️
Share your love for #cycling and #asphalt by using the hashtag #CyclistsLoveAsphalt on your pictures and stories and try to win a set of #CyclistsLoveAsphalt shirts! 👕

Thank you for participating in these two amazing days of the #eeevent2022 and making this event even more special!
Can’t wait to see you in the next edition!

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