E&E Congress 2021

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E&E Congress 2021 The 7th E&E Congress will be held as an innovative virtual experience! This provides many benefits and will allow us to unlock new opportunities together and make...
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Ashalt 4.0

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Ashalt 4.0 We have updated our Asphalt 4.0 page Asphalt is nowadays completely immersed into its Digital Revolution, so-called Asphalt 4.0, thanks to the latest developments in robotic construction equipment,...
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Asphalt in Figures 2019

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Asphalt in Figures 2019 The European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) has released its overview of the latest available production figures of the European Asphalt Industry, the “EAPA Asphalt in Figures...
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The primary objective of the European Asphalt Pavement Association is to build a sound evidence base for promoting the economic, technical, and societal benefits of asphalt paving in road construction and maintenance. Further, to create the future for an innovative and modern asphalt industry in Europe that cares for health and safety as well as for protection of the environment and sustainability.

European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) is the voice of the Asphalt Paving Industry in Europe and works to ensure that the use of asphalt, as the optimum choice for the construction and maintenance of the vital European road infrastructure, is fully appreciated, promoted, and implemented.

Learn all about Asphalt

Asphalt plays an important role in our daily activities. When we travel to work or school, or when we buy goods in a shop or via internet, asphalt roads are being used.

There is more knowledge and science involved in this material than most people realise. This allows producing many different types of asphalt, each having specific characteristics. Some are designed to be porous and very silent, others to be impermeable, etc. In most cases, asphalt surfaces are grey or black although it is also possible to find them yellow or red.


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