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EAPA Asphalt in Figures 2017

By 2 January 2019 January 5th, 2021 News
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EAPA Asphalt in Figures 2017

The latest production and industry figures of the European Asphalt Industry “EAPA Asphalt in Figures 2017” has been released on 27 December 2018.

The total production of hot and warm mix asphalt increased in 2017 by 3.1% to 233.9 million tonnes for EU-28 and by 5.0% to 296.7 million tonnes for all European countries including e.g. Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. Additionally, it has been the third year in a row with growing numbers. In 2017 Turkey became the number one asphalt producing country in Europe with a total production of 46.0 million tonnes (+16,1%), followed by Germany (42.0 million tonnes, +2.4%) and France (33.7 million tonnes, +0.3%).

On average 58% of the asphalt hot and warm mix asphalt was produced for surface courses, 21% for base courses and 21% for base courses. Hence, road maintenance and the replacement of the top layer of the European roads was the main task in 2017 for the European Asphalt Industry. On average, almost 80% of the asphalt was produced for the two top layers of the road structure.

The production of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) or Low Temperature Asphalt remained stable on a low level, only 2.4% of the total hot and warm mix asphalt production ranks to this asphalt. European champion in WMA production is France, with a market share of 11.4%, followed by Norway (11.1%) and Denmark (8.5%). World champion in WMA production is the USA with a market share of 38.7% in 2017.

For the complete edition of the “Asphalt in Figures” please click here.

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Total Production of Asphalt in Europe and EU-28 from 2001 to 2017