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The Roadcast

The RoadCast, the official EAPA podcast, is hosted by Carsten Karcher, our Secretary General. The podcast aims to inspire and educate by blending technical insights with personal stories, highlighting the diversity, research, innovations, and essential roles that contribute to maintaining smooth, sustainable, and safe roads.

This podcast is tailored for both industry professionals at all levels and those just entering the road industry. Embark on a comprehensive journey through the industry, as we cover a vast array of topics under climate change, sustainability, technology, business opportunities, and more. Join us as we engage with industry experts to explore their experiences, insights, and future visions.

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Season 1

Episode 4

In this episode of The Roadcast, hosted by Dr. Carsten, we welcomed Amy Miller, President of the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida and a founder of Women of Asphalt. We delve into her impressive career and educational background, charting her leadership journey through a series of insightful and inspiring success stories. Exploring a day in her role as President, the evolution and success of Women of Asphalt, the initiatives of the Asphalt Pavement Alliance and discussions that naturally compare and identify similarities in the structure of such organisations in the US and Europe. We’ll also discuss opportunities for fostering women’s growth and success in traditionally male-dominated fields. Tune in for an engaging and inspiring episode.

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Episode 3

In this episode of The Roadcast, hosted by Dr. Carsten, we are joined by Dr. Knut Johannsen who shares his career journey, starting with the basics of asphalt, from ingredients to recipes. We further discuss hot topics in the industry, including climate and traffic adaptations, different applications, the process from sourcing to recycling, the work of the EAPA committees, European standardisation, knowledge exchange, and key topics like resilience and sustainability. Tune in for an insightful look at asphalt and its future.

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Episode 2

In this episode of The Roadcast, hosted by ⁠Carsten Karcher⁠, Secretary General of EAPA, we are joined by a distinguished guest from Eurobitume, ⁠Siobhan McKelvey,⁠ the current Director General and former President. Siobhan shares insights from her extensive collaboration with EAPA and her journey within the industry. Together, they delve into the evolution of the asphalt and bitumen industries over the decades, discussing the critical roles of communication, community, sustainability and innovations, collaborations like E&E Congresses, E&E Events and impactful campaigns further illustrating their commitment to advancing the industry. Stay tuned till the end to hear Siobhan’s advice for those looking to enter the industry.

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Episode 1

In this debut episode, join Breixo Meijide, Technical Director of EAPA, known for his technical knowledge and ability to simplify and explain complex asphalt-related topics. Alongside him is Carsten Karcher, Secretary General of EAPA and the host of The Roadcast, who brings an entertaining and candid perspective to the discussion. Together, they are like two sides of the same coin, offering complementary insights into the organisation, its members, and the plans for this podcast. Be sure to listen until the end for hints about our next guest!

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