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  • New EAPA Paper “Arguments to simulate asphalt reuse and recycling” available

    By 10 July 2012 August 7th, 2018 News

    New EAPA Paper “Arguments to simulate asphalt reuse and recycling” available

    The re-use and the recycling of reclaimed asphalt pavements (RAP) started more than 30 years ago. In many European countries the use of RAP is common practice. Asphalt is 100% re-usable / recyclable and for sustainable development its re-use / recycling should therefore be encouraged. RAP can be re-used to produce new asphalt (in plant and in-situ) and it can be recycled by using emulsions, foamed bitumen and by adding cement (in plant and in-situ). To stimulate the re-use and the recycling of RAP this document provides arguments for governments and public authorities to stimulate this process. Each year about 50 million tons of RAP is produced and a large amount of this 50 million tons is reused and recycled. The goal should be to achieve 100%. This document addresses the need for re-use and recycling for sustainable development by consideration of legislation, economical aspects, the supply and demand market, creating awareness of the client, technical and contractual issues as well as environmental aspects. This documents can be download from the EAPA webpage “Position Papers”

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