Manifesto of the European Construction Forum launched in the European Parliament

By 10 July 2012 August 7th, 2018 News

Manifesto of the European Construction Forum launched in the European Parliament

The European Construction Forum’s newly published “Manifesto” for construction waslaunched at a reception in the European Parliament on 17th November, attended by the President of EAPA – Alan Mackenzie – Simon van der Byl and Ingke Wiese and was hosted by Fiona Hall MEP, a British Liberal MEP from the north east of England. A key guest from the Commission was the Chef de Cabinet of Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani, Mr Mattei Pellegrini (seen in the photo addressing the audience in the Parliament building in Brussels), who spoke positively about the contribution of construction to the European economy and the need to invest in infrastructure. EAPA was very much a leading light in the Forum, stressing the advantages of, and need for proper transport infrastructure and the role of road networks in this regard.

On completion of the official launch the Presidents and Secretaries General of the ECF member Associations met at CEMBUREAU’s offices to discuss the way forward and exchange notes about their own industries.  This was the first occasion on which such a gathering has been held and all found it a most worthwhile and valuable meeting.

As EAPA Secretary General Simon van der Byl mentioned in the email sent to all members at the end of November, this is just the start of a process – a foot in the door, as it were – and any comments you may have on both the manifesto and the process are very much welcomed. It reflects, however, Simon’s long held view that EAPA carries more political weight in alliances with other like-minded organisations than it ever could on its own, except in very specialised circumstances.

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