eSeMA 2020 International Conference

By 31 January 2020 News

eSeMA 2020 International Conference

EAPA Vice-President Juan José Potti, Member of EAPA Executive Committee Slovenko Henigman and EAPA Technical Director Breixo Gomez, participated on 29-31 January 2020 in the eSeMA 2020 International Conference, organised by the EAPA Associate Member JRS (J. Rettenmaier & Söhne) in Arłamów (Poland).

Mr. Henigman presented the history of the use of SMA in Slovenia over the last 25 years, while Dr. Potti spoke about the marketing of asphalt and the use of social media in the asphalt business. Finally, Dr. Gomez gave an overview of the situation of the asphalt industry in Europe and how EAPA sees the future of asphalt with all the challenges ahead of us, especially those related to circular economy, emissions and digitalisation.

The conference was completed with other important speakers, such as Stefan Schmidt-Weiss (DAV), Dr. Krzysztof Błażejowski, Dr. Daniel Gogolin (PTM), Dr. Igor Ruttmar (TPA) and Adam Wojczuk (Polish Association of Asphalt Pavement Contractors).

The event was also a great opportunity to strengthen the relationships between EAPA and the Polish asphalt manufacturers.

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