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EAPA’s Gulay Malkoc spoke at the NorBit Seminar 2010

By 10 July 2010 August 7th, 2018 News

EAPA’s Gulay Malkoc spoke at the NorBit Seminar 2010

In October, a yearly binder seminar was held in Oslo, Norway, organized by the Norwegian Bitumen Association (NorBit). NorBit is a non-profit association, which was established in August 2009 and continues the work of the NaBin, which is no longer active in Norway.

The purpose of NorBit is to spread information and knowledge on bituminous binders through an annual one-day seminar by inviting international lecturers from Europe and USA in combination with other Nordic people.

The NorBit seminar in 2009 focused on moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixes and safety in bitumen storage and handling. However, this year the main topic was Polymer Modified binders (PmB’s).

The seminar was moderated by Roar Telle, who is a member of the Technical Committee of the Norwegian Asphalt and Road Contracting Association (FAV), which is a member of EAPA .

Gulay Malkoc from EAPA was invited to give a presentation on the HSE aspects of PMB’s and CRM binders. Gulay also took the opportunity to give a short introduction to EAPA’s activities and presented the upcoming E&E Congress 2012 in Istanbul and invited the participants to attend the congress.