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EAPA Visiting the 3rd Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey

By 11 July 2015August 7th, 2018News

EAPA Visiting the 3rd Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey

After the 9th EAPA Symposium 2015 in Istanbul, a technical tour was arranged to the construction site of the 3rd Bosporus Bridge at the northern part of Istanbul called Marmara region. This region is densely populated and economically developed where decrease in the road service capacity inherits the economic activities and results in loss of time, work force and money. For the construction of the bridge a Public Private Partnership system with Built-Operate and Transfer Method is applied.

The aim of the project is to decrease the traffic congestion at two suspension bridges on Istanbul Strait with an alternative suspension bridge that will be located in the north of Istanbul close to Black Sea region.

More than 20 participants enjoyed visiting the site and the responsible persons from the contractor’s side and from the highways agency made a presentation. The suspension bridge, with a total length of 1,875 meters, is designed as a combination of a stay cable and a suspension bridge with the highest towers being 322 meters. The bridge has a deck of almost 60 meters width for 2 x 4 lanes of vehicles and two railway lanes.

After the presentations, the participants raised many questions. They appreciated the technical tour and found it a very nice attachment of the Symposium.

Pictures from Gülay Malkoc and Levent Gülsoy

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