EAPA Statement on the Handling of TAR in Road Construction

The members of the European Asphalt Pavement Association have adopted the principle of abandoning the use of tar as a virgin binder in the production of virtually all hot and cold asphalt.


Product innovations over recent years and quality improvement of bituminous binders have provided quality materials which can match all product and client requirements.

However, in very exceptional circumstances in some European countries, clients still request special products, which may require the addition of tar.

In those situations special precautions are always taken during production and laying to minimise workers exposure to the product and its fumes.

In those situations where tar is encountered in reclaimed materials, appropriate mixing techniques can be applied to produce quality construction materials, without the risk of occupational exposure or known leaching effects from the final product.

Based on the above, specifiers are urged to consider most carefully before specifying tar-bound materials.