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  • EAPA Position Paper “Heavy Duty Surfaces – The Arguments for SMA”

    By 6 November 2018 News

    EAPA Position Paper “Heavy Duty Surfaces - The Arguments for SMA”

    Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) has become a popular asphalt mixture for the surfacing of heavily trafficked roads, airfields, industrial and harbour areas in Europe and its use is spreading across the world. The even surface that can be obtained using SMA provides comfortable riding characteristics whilst its texture gives good skid resistance with relatively low traffic noise. The strong aggregate structure provided by the coarse aggregate particles gives excellent resistance to permanent deformation and the binder rich mastic, which fills the voids between those particles, makes SMA highly durable respectively sustainable.

    You can download the EAPA Position Paper “Heavy Duty Surfaces – The Arguments for SMA” by clicking here.

    SMA has proved to be cost effective even though it requires a higher binder content and the use of high quality aggregates. A well designed SMA requires extremely low maintenance when applied in a properly designed construction.

    Longer service life, thinner construction and reduced noise levels impart sustainable and environmental benefits.

    The European standard for SMA was published as EN 13108-5 (Stone Mastic Asphalt) and many European countries have also their national application document for SMA. In the USA and India, where SMA is called Stone Matrix Asphalt, and elsewhere in the world, its use is increasing in popularity amongst road authorities and the asphalt industry.

    This report covers all the above points and highlights the key areas that must be satisfied to ensure success when producing and laying SMA. It is envisaged that it will be of use to producers, layers, contractors, consultants and suppliers alike.

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