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EAPA members elect new president and vice president

By 20 May 2021 News

EAPA members elect new president and vice president

On 18 May 2021, Dr. Juan José Potti and Ralf Pomp have been elected as EAPA President and Vice President for the next two years. Dr. Potti of EAPA’s Spanish member ASEFMA acted as Vice president before and is a long-time member of the EAPA Executive Committee. Mr. Pomp became member of the Executive Committee two years ago and represents EAPA’s German member DAV. Both were thankful for the trust that the EAPA members put in them and look forward to their work for the association with great pleasure. Juan José Potti stated: “In the last 10 years in many countries the road network has been built and extended and our main interest is to show that this road network must be preserved and updated to meet new demands and, of course, to reduce the emissions of the vehicles that circulate on it.” Read his full inauguration speech:

Inauguration Speech