Industry4Roads Meeting

By 21 February 2019 March 30th, 2019 News

Industry4Roads Meeting

On February 19th 2019 Breixo Gómez-Meijide of EAPA attended the meeting of Industry4Europe, a coalition where EAPA is one of the 138 current members. They have great presence among the European Commission, trade associations, parties (PPE, PES, Green Party), etc. They have been invited to participate in a meeting with the 28 Ministers of Economy/Industry of the EU and many of the conlcusions of the European Coucil align completely with their statements.

An interesting part was the intervention of Mark Nicklas, Head of Unit at DG GROW. According to him, many proposals of the Commission do not get through and in this sense it is needed the support of the National Governments. European Associations are focused on the European Institutions but it is important that our Members also create pressure in their respective countries.

Nicklas also insisted that it is crucial to find a common strategy to compete, especially agains China and USA, countries with clear and very developed strategies. He presented two high-level roundtables where some discussions about the future common strategies are happening. One is “Industry 2030” and the “Strategic Forum for IPCEI”. You can see the main pillars of both of them in the pictures I attached. It is particularly interesting that the “Strategic Forum for IPCEI” decided which are the key strategic value chains for EU that require well coordinated actions and investment from industry and public authorities. You can see these 3(ongoing)+6(new) selected strategic lines in the attached picture. It is interesting that asphalt industry can contribute in the lines “Connected, clean and automated vehicles” and “Low-carbon industry”.

More information can be found on the Industry4Roads website

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